Digital Solution Group has been established in 2018. We are an IT Solution Company, primarily running on IT Infrastructure Company. Providing hardware, software, or consulting on IT Solutions. Partnering with world-renowned brands such as Microsoft, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, ESET, Trend Micro, and many more, we are committed to becoming the most reliable and innovative supplier of IT Infrastructure and IT Security in the industry. To achieve this, we will consistently strive to provide you with unparalleled innovations, services, and solutions.

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PT Digital Solusi Group (DSG) is a company engaged in software & hardware providers and services related to IT and cybersecurity. Since 2018 we have been trusted by both personal, and government agencies, to national and multinational companies as a provider of digital protection, software needs, hardware, and other IT-related products. We believe that everyone from home computer users, to large corporations, protects what matters most to them, such as privacy, personal information, finances, customer data, business process or infrastructure, etc. DSG has collaborated with international companies and organizations as well as law enforcement agencies to combat cybercrimes to make the digital world a safer place.


As a company that has a professional team, DSG also provides consulting services related to software and hardware. In addition, as a web portal provider, starting from planning, installing, and maintaining information and communication technology including software, hardware, and website development as well as training in the information technology and communication field. DSG is also trusted as an official partner of Kaspersky Distributors in Indonesia, and we officially got Kaspersky Registered Partner as a provider of Kaspersky products for Corporate Users. The success of DSG in providing the best services as the world’s leading anti-virus provider, Kaspersky Lab from Russia also adds to its trust as another software provider.


DSG is trusted to be the official partner of world-renowned brands such as Kaspersky, Microsoft (as Silver Partner), Bitdefender, Trend Micro, Eset, Acronis, McAfee Enterprise, Autodesk, Adobe, Team Viewer, and many more. We believe that to be the best at what we do, we strive forward to provide the next generation of layered protection to protect our business partners as well as our respectable clients.


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